Dental Implant Surgery Instructions

Bleeding – Put light pressure with the gauze over the surgical site for 1 hour, after that replace and repeat if necessary. Leave the gauze out once bleeding has stopped.

Stitches – Stitches are not always needed for dental implant placement. If additional bone grafting is necessary at the time of implant placement or an incision is made then stitches will be used for closure. Stitches may become loose during healing and this is normal. Use a Q-tip dipped water to clean the top of the implant twice daily to keep away build up of plaque. Keep doing this until Dr. McPhillips instructs you to stop. 

Diet – You will be numb for a few hours after surgery. Have a cold/soft diet during this time. (milkshakes, pudding, jello, ice-cream) No Straws. A soft diet is recommended for two weeks after surgery, unless told otherwise by Dr. McPhillips. (if you can cut it with the side of a fork you can have it)  Do NOT chew on the implant site.

Medication – Continue to take antibiotics until all gone. We do recommend that you take your pain medicine when you get home once you’ve gotten something to eat. You will then take your pain meds every 6 hours or as needed. Most patients need very little pain medication for dental implant placement.

There are two parts to a dental implant. If something were to come loose or come out, please contact the office for an appointment during regular business hours.