After Bone Graft and Membrane Placement

The bone grafting material consists of granules of bone that will fill the entire tooth socket. The membrane will act as a shield to cover the area and hold the graft into the socket. Many stitches will then hold the membrane and graft into place. 

We actually over pack the area with bone granules so you may notice some in your mouth periodically. This is to be expected over the course of the healing. If large amounts of bone fall out call the office immediately. 

We use several stitches in the graft site. The stitches we use are intended to stay in for about a month. This is to ensure healing of the graf.t. Stitches may become loose or floppy, that’s normal. If the stitches loosen up, please do not attempt to trim or pull them off. Call the office and we will have you come in and trim them up for you. To do otherwise, could damage the graft. 

When brushing your teeth, avoid the graft site all together. Brush all other areas normally. When removing  the toothpaste turn head to the side and empty and let it fall out gently. No SPITTING OR SWISHING AND NO STRAWS AND DO NOT USE MOUTHWASH!!!

When cleaning site after surgery, dip the end of a q-tip into water and rol the q-tip back and forth across the bone graft site. If bleeding should occur during theis process do not be alarmed. This is normal during the healing process. Continue to do this twice a day until complete healing has occurred. 

Try to not touch the graft site with the tongue (playing with the area) and avoid chewing on that side of your mouth. 

If you have questions about your healing process, please give us a call and we can answer any questions you may have.