Tooth Extractions

There are several reasons for a tooth requiring extraction including tooth decay, orthodontic treatment, or even because of an injury. In the tooth extraction procedure, our surgeon will remove your tooth in the office using an appropriate anesthetic.


Generally speaking, an apicoectomy may be needed when when a root canal is not enough to correct the problem. In certain cases, a dead nerve inside a tooth can spread past the tooth root and into neighboring bone. If this happens, an apicoectomy may be necessary. In this procedure, the infected portion of the tooth root is removed in order to clean the infection. Finally, the root is filled to prevent further infection.


This is a simple procedure that removes or loosens a band of muscle tissue that is connected to the lip, cheek or floor of the mouth. Generally this procedure is performed under local anesthetic. In certain cases, people with large frenums beneath their tongues may prevent their tongue to move freely. This procedure corrects this problem.

Here is a short video about this procedure:

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Other Soft Tissue Surgeries

Soft tissue grafts
Soft-tissue grafts in the mouth can play a key role in maintaining oral health. Soft-tissue grafts may be needed to fight gum recession. Periodontal disease, trauma, aging, over brushing, and poor tooth positioning are the leading causes of gum recession which can lead to tooth-root exposure in severe cases.

Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADS)
Temporary anchorage devices are small titanium screws that orthodontists use to help reposition teeth and are generally used for a short time.

Here is a short video about TADS:

Crown Lengthening Procedures
When teeth have been weakened by decay, are cracked, or even broken, a crown lengthening procedure may be needed to make sure that there is sufficient tooth structure to keep the crown held down.

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